Virtual Chief Technology Officer

vCTO service covers technology, by using specific strategy and independent technology audits and reviews, develop an overall business and IT strategy, taken full ownership of IT budget to ensure cost optimization for every technology, Ensured projects are delivered within agreed timescales and budgets, take a solution-led approach to any issues arising during each project lifecycle. 

We provide the advantage of vast knowledge and accomplishments built from years of working across multiple sectors and disciplines.

You need a six-figure budget to cover the salary, bonuses, and resources to execute your consultant’s strategic plans. Unfortunately, many small businesses can’t afford the costs of hiring a CTO.

With our virtual CTO services, you spend a fraction of that money, and still get an entire team of technology experts on call whenever you need them.


Strategic plan

- Business Strategy
- Vision, Strategic Goals & Annual Objectives
- Competitive Analysis & edge planning
- Tech roadmap


- Business Alignment
- Tech Stacks
- Solution stacks


- Yearly operational Budget
- Five years Projection


- Hiring
- Talent Development

How vCTO works?

By working directly with our clients to understand their operation and their business and profitability goals. Each department is picked apart to be completely understood. From there, he is able to consult with decision-makers on where to invest, where to cut back, and how to get a healthy budget in place.
Here are just some of the things we can manage:

Business Roadmap and IT Strategy

Robust disaster planning

Cost optimization and reduction

Stay ahead of change

Service Benefits

Specialist expertise

Providing valuable insights and solutions with years of experience.

Immediate availability

you start seeing the impact straight away.

Total flexibility

without costly and time-consuming recruitment processes.

Objective recommendations

The vCTO has worked with many small to mid-sized businesses, they know what solutions work and which ones don’t. They also have company resources for collaboration on your issues. You will receive a vetted technology roadmap you can implement immediately.


With an outsourced, virtual role, you can expect significant cost savings without cutting corners or taking unnecessary risks.

Service Features

Collaborating with the executive team

to assess and recommend technologies in support of company needs and compliance requirements.

Acknowledge stakeholders’ feedback

to inform necessary improvements and adjustments to technology

Ensured projects are delivered within agreed timescales and budgets

Make executive-level decisions to set your business up for long-term success

Leading the strategy for technology platforms

Solution-led approach to issues arising during each project lifecycle

Report to senior leadership on progress, monitoring, issues and risks